"Kto chce znajdzie sposób, kto nie chce znajdzie powód."

Publikacje 2010

1. International Journal Of Electronics and Telecommunications 2010

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2. ICCVG 2010

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3. IP&C 2010

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4. IP&C 2010

Flizikowski A., Puchalski D., Sachajdak K., “The gap between packet level QoS and objective QoE assessment of the WWW services on mobile devices”, Image Processing & Communications 2010, Bydgoszcz 2010

5. IEA/AIE 2010

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6. AINA 2010

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7. Mobile Summit 2010

Flizikowski A., M.Majewski, W.Hołubowicz, „QoE assessment of VoIP over IEEE 802.16 compatible networks using E-model and ns-2”, Mobile Summit 2010, Florence, Italy 2010